The first limited collection of unique Foxes who live on the Ethereum blockchain.
Your Lunatic Fox grants you access to benefits such as games, raffles, giveaways, and more.


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V.2 Collection will be free only for LFOX/NFT owners SOON...

Each Lunatic Fox is a unique piece of digital artwork which has been generated from a mix of 226 different traits.
All Foxes are special, but some are rarer than others

Ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the consumer over their NFT. The v2 collection will be completely free for the Lunatic Foxes owners.

We want to grow and care for our community, support them financially and make their best projects a reality.

Note: 60 LF are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, community members and the team.

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1 NFT = 1 TREE

Our pledge towards the environment:
For each NFT sold, we will plant 1 tree (after 500 ETH Volume
Traded). In summary, we pledge to plant 10,000 trees,
meaning the neutralization of 220,000kg Co2 per year
and at the same time providing a natural habitat for animals,
ensuring healthy soil and fighting against climate change.

250 ETH Volume Traded

5 lucky holders will be
airdroppedone free Lunatix Fox!

300 ETH Volume Traded

2 lucky holders will be airdropped
1 ETH each to their wallets!

500 ETH Volume Traded

We will record a special song
for our collection, which will then
be spread across the internet and
make our/your Foxes very famous.

1K ETH Volume Traded

Member-Exclusive Merch Store
gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees,
hoodies, and other goodies.

1,5K ETH Volume Traded

Every LFOX Holder will recive $FOX-10,000 coins!
Worth dependin on trading volume!

5K ETH Volume Traded

TESLA MODEL 3 Giveaway
(or equivalent in ETH)
to 1 lucky holder.

AFTER 5K ETH Volume Traded

We will put 10 ETH in a community wallet.
We will list Lunatic Foxes on Rarity Tools.
We are launching Liquidity Pools.
We will create an animated movie.
We will develop games for all LFOX/NFT owners.

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Creator & CO- Founder by day, Lunatic by night

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Master of none, Digital marketing.

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Art Experimentist & Critical Artist

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Software blockchain Developer